Strategy and innovation are directly linked. While strategy defines the direction for the future, innovation determines the strength of a company not only in parallel to other companies to achieve this future, but also to surpass these companies in all respects.

Initiative Digital Logistics

In June 2018, Hanse Networks founded the Initiative Digital Logistics (Initiative Digitale Logistik, IDL). The digitalization of the economy is advancing at an exponential pace and is unstoppable.

One can not assume that this development passes by. (“I believe in the horse, the car I consider a temporary fad” – Kaiser Wilhelm II – unconfirmed quote, around 1900).

Analysis of the German logistics sector shows and Hanse Networks believes that

  • The degree of digitalization among small and medium-sized enterprises in the German economy is low and there is no (or insufficient) investment in the future.
  • Only the top companies and some non-sector start-ups (mainly from the USA and Asia) heavily invest in the logistics sector. SMEs are either not able or do not want to invest. The latter rely on traditional, sometimes nostalgic business models.
  • These big investors and start-ups are coming up with disruptive (“intermeshing” the market) innovations that impose completely new business models on the sector!
  • SMEs will then have to submit to these new business models and offer their services in the sector (as part of a process chain on a cloud-based marketplace) at the lowest profit margins (or at dumping prices).

The Initiative Digital Logistics is a network of medium-sized companies in the German logistics industry, development partners, associations, universities and research institutions with the goal of 2025 digitalization.

This includes the development of agile, data-driven and networking-oriented business models, fit & proper analyzes, structured projects (from business process optimization to marketplace development and integration), based on joint financing models.

The starting signal for the IDL will be given at the end of August in Thüringen, Germany. You want to be part of it? Feel free to contact us!

Digitalization – Networking – Big Data

Hanse Networks supports small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from different sectors in digitalization projects. The old “asset-oriented” business models integrated into hierarchical value chains are replaced by agile, data-driven and networking-oriented business models. This is often a problem from the beginning. Your company may not know what the state of digitalization is. There is a shortage of skilled workers, i. It could be difficult for you to advertise your projects. Also you may not know what needs to be done and also how a project should be financed?

Hanse Networks works with development partners within the sector. We ensure that the digitalization projects that are important for your sector are executed and implemented in your company. In doing so, we combine your investments with those of other companies and with funding in order to be able to carry out innovative projects in this way.

Get in touch with us and we can do something for you!

In addition, Hanse Networks defines the success factors for your company with you.

Strategic Management

Together with you, we develop a Strategic Management Process that regularly reflects the competitiveness of your company on the basis of these factors, and develops strategic initiatives to take your competitors one step ahead and in this way to make your company more successful in the future.