People Performance Managment

Everybody knows. The performance pressure is growing because of higher requirements, desired results and another desired behavior. The playing field changes. For companies and employees. Companies are putting the bar higher, employees must continue to function as expected and bring better performance. At the same time the regulations and laws change with regard to dismissal, personnel development and much more. Hanse Networks helps companies and employees finding the right balance between objectives, performance and functioning, while at the same time sustaining value for companies, the work environment and the working culture.

Outgoing from the ambitions of the company and the employees, the objectives are the starting point for our work. Together and with each other, without rivalry, listening and controlling, intervening when necessary.

Hanse Networks uses the methods of Managing for Value, a value-based management system (VBM), which not only controls finances and key figures, but also plays an important role in company culture and employees. We rely on the following elements: strategy development, development and implementation of an operational overall plan, development of initiatives and interventions, tasks and roles, employee life cycle, on-boarding and retention of employees, organization culture, performance management process, compensation, change management, and social and cultural behavior.

Hanse Networks is helping introducing your People Performance Management processes. We support your company in introducing best practice performance management processes based on your company’s goals. It is important that the performance management system reflects the culture of your company, the customer is placed centrally and the employee is the focus. AGREEING IS DISCLOSING, is an important way of working together. The methods of MANAGING FOR VALUE form the basis.

For your company, this means:

  • Development of a strategic agenda, focusing on sustainable value creation
  • Implementation of a performance management process (finance and HRM) including calibration procedures and remuneration procedures (within the works council agreements)
  • Development of a measurement method for your company to assess the effectiveness of the Performance Management System
  • Creation of operational implementation plans at department level on the basis of the strategic agenda
  • Creation of a baseline
  • Elaboration and preparation of service agreements, implementation initiatives at department level
  • Development and design of a communication strategy that provides a company-wide understanding of the new processes
  • Development and implementation of an integration and change management agenda – information management, transition, training, process integration, coaching, performance assessment, process calendar, etc.

For the employees this means:

  • A new way of working with a different responsibility and a new assessment and measurement system
  • A sustainable change
  • Identification of core competences and expectations of employees
  • Create individual performance and development agreements (SMART)
  • The possibility of own development through additional training, mentoring and coaching
  • A clear and transparent system