Annual General Meeting of LTV e.V.

The Annual General Meeting of LTV e.V. will take place on April 22, 2017 at the Park-Inn-Hotel in Weimar Legefeld. Hanse Networks represents Cabman International BV at the fair, which is organized there. The Cabman BCT Fiscal Calculator is presented there. […]

5. Norddeutscher Taxitag in Berlin

The Norddeutsche Taxitag 2017, the 21/22. September 2017 in Berlin, has been canceled. This is what Leszek Nadolski, chairman of the guild of the taxi industry in Berlin, said today. According to his statement, it was not possible for the guild of the tax revenue in Berlin to finance the event financially. Hanse Networks would have represented Cabman International BV at the show, which is organized there to present the Cabman BCT Fiscal Meter. There is not yet a catch-up date. We’ll keep you up to date.

Duitslanddag in Utrecht

Duitslanddag in Utrecht

On September 29th it is time. Then the ‘Duitslanddag‘ takes place in Utrecht. You will find DTA Consulting near Stand 5.8 (Flynth Duitsland Desk).