All expertise that we need sits at a table. The Hanse Networks network provides an ‘Expert Allocation’, which as a team has set itself the goal of realizing your business visions. The following is an overview of the network as well as the partners of Hanse Networks.

Dirk Tangemann:

As Managing Partner of Hanse Networks, Dirk Tangemann is your direct contact for all your questions. As a business manager, Tangemann holds an MBA in Financial Services & Insurance. He worked at ABN AMRO Bank for 16 years, of which 11 years served as a strategic advisor to the Managing Board. Tangemann has many years of experience in program and project management (SAP, change management, business and IT), business expansion management (entry into foreign markets), strategic management and business & people performance management, change management and “people model” integration of MANAGING FOR VALUE, as well as the development of new remuneration structures for banks for TOP management and employees.

In addition, Tangemann has more than 6 years of practical experience in smart city development and “seamless mobility management” – professional knowledge in mobility management, the European mobility sector and application development for traffic management.

Lutz Nierhoff:

Lutz Nierhoff is a trained banker, has studied economics and has more than fifteen years of practical experience as a publishing and advertising manager in the largest magazine publishers in Germany, where he focused on the positioning and profiling of various magazines and the implementation of new, digital business models for these journals. His core competencies lie in the strategic analysis and development of new, disruptive business models, taking into account the requirements of the operational implementation and the implementation of his conceptions.

La Marca:

LA MARCA combines classic marketing and sales consulting with a forward-looking communications agency. LA MARCA develops passable and successful marketing solutions for companies and implements these together with their customers.


OSTHAVEN is a consultant in the banking and payment sector. This dynamic market is constantly changing. OSTHAVEN combines in-depth know-how and a sense of touch with traditional foundations of partnership-based collaboration, comprising the competences of communication, marketing and cooperation.


Companies are increasingly looking to European neighbours. The step across the border, however, requires extensive preparation so that legal regulations in the Netherlands and in Germany do not become stumbling blocks. Flynth Holland / Germany Desk advises and accompanies your company with international ambitions on its way abroad.

Kuborgh GmbH:

As a digital agency at two locations, KUBORGH designs, designs and implements websites, mobile hybrid apps, e-commerce / shop solutions and individual developments (including portals and business processes) for well-known brands, startups, agencies and companies. KUBORGH is looking for the best solution for your needs with eyefulness and creative ideas. KUBORGH’s holistic solution is at the forefront, not the system. While other agencies are trying to find a suitable solution to the favored CMS, KUBORGH chooses the right system to meet your requirements.


MARTINIFILM focuses on people who take social responsibility in their entrepreneurial activities, on people who have the courage to change the world today and on people who simply live their dreams. MARTINIFILM – People in focus

IN PR & Text:

IN PR & Text specializes in the creation of B2B and B2C texts as well as the consulting and implementation of target group and branch specific press and public relations work. The range of services includes strategic planning, the creation of press distributors, contact management for editorial offices and the production of press texts of all kinds. Ingo Neuling has been able to look back on more than 15 years of agency experience, in the course of which he managed numerous well-known companies, Including Pilkington Deutschland AG, O-I and Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund.