Here are some examples of the Hanse Networks projects:

Manufacturer of medical care products

Hanse Networks is currently working on a market analysis for Germany for a Dutch manufacturer of medical care products. The goal of this company is a gradual market entry until the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019.

Wholesaler for passive fire-resistant materials

A Dutch wholesaler for passive fire-resistant materials is looking for expansion opportunities in Germany. Hanse Networks guides this company during the market introduction and in determining and setting up the right distribution options. Market introduction is planned for early 2019.


Cabman International is the international sister company of Euphoria Software from the Netherlands. Euphoria offers solutions in the area of ​​planning software and vehicle equipment to companies active in the passenger transport sector. The Cabman product range consists of software and Internet solutions (calendar software, planning instruments, ticketing, etc.), and hardware solutions: (taxi data terminal, fiscal taximeter, on-board computer, etc.). Hanse Networks is the partner of Cabman International, which accompanies the company at its market entry to Germany.

KAMbode BV

KAMbode is a Dutch company that offers expertise, advice, training, such as the provision of workers in the fields of quality assurance / management, work environment, and environment protection (KAM – Kwaliteit, Arbeid, Milieu) to medium and small enterprises of different sectors. Hanse Networks supports KAMBode in its strategic reorientation and orientation.

Scandinavian PSP

On behalf of our partner OSTHAVEN, Hanse Networks has worked out and initiated the conception and implementation of the Central European market entry for a scandinavian payment service provider. Strategic decisions by the parent company, however, prevented an aggressive expansion to Central Europe, so that this project has currently been awarded the ‘On Hold’ status. We expect to resume the activities as soon as possible.


Selected ingredients, mainly from regional producers, great vegan recipes, a loving preparation – these are the smoothies of hellogreen. Hellogreen delivers to the office or to your home and can be found at many trade fairs and events. Currently still in Hamburg, however, in the search for organic growth. Fast, and far beyond the borders of Hamburg. Hanse Networks is developing the Business Plan, the strategy and its implementation for hellogreen. A particularly exciting project in a new, yet untapped market.

Kinder Opvang Holding

Kinder Opvang Holding (KOH) is the holding company of a number of childcare organizations in the Netherlands. The vision of KOH is to create an optimal link between the different day sections when the children are not in the care of their parents. At present, this connection is not adequately supplied.

The playing field of childcare is changing. Therefore KOH brings new and fresh entrepreneurship into this sector: What is the position of the company on the market? Who are the competitors? How do you position yourself to be fully effective? How can I reach my customers? How can I deal with the available (financial) resources and how do I plan the procedure?

In order to realize the vision, KOH attaches great importance to the fact that the various subsidiaries have a stable operational management in which the performance features are designed to create added value for the organization. This applies not only to the employees, but also to the supporting services. Continuing education of the pedagogical staff in order to gain knowledge and experience is a matter of course. The KOH support services (customer contact, accounting, personnel and marketing) are trained to provide efficient and optimal support within available resources.

Hanse Networks supports the management and employees of KOH in the implementation of internal targets. The main task is to coach and train the (leading) employees on the basis of a new performance management system. For this, Hanse Networks uses the techniques of Managing for Value.