Working with my customers, I experience this on a daily basis. “It works here, it should work in Germany as well”, or “Try to sell our product as it is, when we have market share, we might want to change it to specific customer needs”, or “Our product is certified according to European and Dutch regulation, we don’t have to change it, we do not need to adopt German local regulation, we will present to the authority as it is”. These are just examples. I could give you much more of these, all little stories why expanding to abroad might fail, or at least might be very costly in terms of money and time in order to intervene and fix afterwards. And, because of the fact that time is money, and both are limited resources most of the time, it is essential for companies doing the right things just from the beginning. Entering a new market also means entrepreneurship and adventure. So, what do you also need? Flexibility and elasticity within your company. Expansion means change to your organisation. Employees need to take part this adventure in taking responsibilities and sharing challenges and success. With our help, your expansion plan becomes successful! Kind regards, Dirk Tangemann, Director of Hanse Networks

Hanse Networks supports your company in the expansion plans into Germany, starting with the objective setting and planning, through the analysis of markets and possibilities up to the market entry. Specific applied expertise on the Do’s and Don’ts of the German market as well as the observance and application of European and German regulations are the basis for an undeterred implementation of your goals.

Together with our partner network in Germany as well as in other European countries, we support and support you in the following fields of expertise and expertise:

  • Develop an expansion strategy that fits your business
  • Develop a detailed market analysis so that you know exactly where the chances and opportunities lie for your company
  • Development of the objectives with appropriate planning for market entry
  • Support for all questions regarding regulations
  • Expertise in all legal and fiscal matters
  • Support in the execution of the market entry, the customer acquisition and the customer-finding and -binding for your company
  • Development of a marketing and sales plan based on the market entry strategy
  • Support for all questions regarding mentality and typical behavior in dealing with German customers and partner companies
  • Support in the development of market and customer knowledge (KYC) as well as the transfer of this to your company